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la nuit intime (the intimate night)

dance goes underground...
   experience it close up

Setting la nuit intime in nightclubs and live music venues allows us to create an underground world of dance where the audience experience is as important as the performance. The audience are invited to drink and relax as the evening unfolds before them and lose themselves in the dance.
Liv Lorent, Artistic Director


la nuit intime is one of balletLORENT's most loved productions. More an immersive installation than a dance piece, la nuit intime is a homage to the night. Set in nightclubs and other nocturnal haunts, this is an underground world where boundaries dissolve and fantasies are made flesh. Performers flow between the audience as the spectacle washes over them; witnessing incredible physicality, vulnerability and eroticism from an intimate perspective. No two people will have the same experience.

The pick-and-mix selection of dance styles - from ballet to roller-skating, pole-dancing and east European folk dances - is tenderly echoed in the carefully chosen, eclectic soundtrack that has the effect of a sublime jukebox - it is a seductive compilation of music that includes underground songs, rare instrumentals and some forgotten as well as contemporary classics. With exquisite costumes prepare yourself for one of the most sensuous, otherworldly experiences possible.

balletLORENT has engaged in two national touring programmes for la nuit intime since it premiered in 2006. In 2009 the company collaborated with Carte Blanche Dance Company, Bergen to recreate la nuit intime with fourteen dancers from both companies for performances programmed as part of the Bergen International Festival.

la nuit intime was remounted and redeveloped in autumn 2011 for a Scottish touring programme visiting four venues: The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; The Arches, Glasgow; The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen and Carnegie Hall, Fife.

Future Touring

la nuit intime remains in balletLORENT's repertoire for future programming opportunities.

Should you be interested in programming la nuit intime please contact

Press quotes

What is unusual and captivating is that the full on polymorphous eroticism is not like an 'adult' show. Rather it is always connected to fantasy and feeling... it makes sensuality both more adult and childlike - in short more 'human'.
Sonjoy Roy, Contemporary Magazine

Drop dead gorgeousness.
The Metro

...seeps into your subconscious like a dream.
The Stage

Audience feedback

The performance was simply stunning, and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. I haven't seen an interesting performance as such since I was in Moscow in the 1990s.

la nuit intime was unforgettable, a masterpiece. Real privilege to be there.

Seen it three times and it does what it says. Excellent performance and it grips you from start to finish. Seen it every time in the North East. The performers may be getting older but the performance never does. Love it.

I thought the show was outstanding. The precision of the dancers blew me away!

Absolutely Fantastic. Amazing. I'm in love. It made me happy tonight, flying! My course from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland went to see your performance and it was spell bounding! Absolutely stunning, thank you for it. Thank you so much, I am so inspired.

I thought la nuit intime was fantastic, really thrilling – it could have gone on all night for me. Really fabulous music, exquisite costumes, great lighting and most of all, beautiful beautiful dancing. An extraordinary act of creativity and imagination to have conceived and created it and such superbly talented dancers.



balletLORENT Limited is a registered charity in England and Wales (no.1162921) and a registered company (no.05093450)

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Liv Lorent has created an alluring homage to nocturnal entertainment where fantasies and desires emerge from the shadows and come out to play.
The Stage



Choreographed and directed by
Liv Lorent

Lighting design by
Malcolm Rippeth

Costume design and realisation by
Paul Shriek

Sound by
Ben Ponton



Gwen Berwick
Winifred Burnet-Smith
Gavin Coward
Robby Graham
Katryn Jackson
John Kendall
Arran Knight
Meritxell Pan Cabo
Debbi Purtill
Mariusz Raczynski
Davie Rae
Caroline Reece
Raymond Roa
Juliet Thompson
Philippa White
Kelly Wilson


Hyena Café, Newcastle upon Tyne 2006.

Performed (UK):
The Watering Hole, Perranporth
The Annexe Nightclub, Lincoln
The Wardrobe, Leeds
Pave, Hull
Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
The Spitz, London
Mr Lynch, Newcastle upon Tyne
Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne
Tap ‘n' Tin, Chatham
Malvern Theatre
The Traverse, Edinburgh
The Arches, Glasgow
The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
Carnegie Hall, Fife

Performed (internationally):
LOGEN, Bergen as part of the The Bergen International Festival 2009.