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Toby Fitzgibbons, Dance Artist in Residence

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Toby was a member of Scottish Dance Theatre (Janet Smith) for 8 years. Touring the UK, Europe and beyond. Performing works by choreographers including Liv Lorent, Rui Horta, Hofesh Shechter, James Wilton, Ina Christel Johannessen, Kate Weare and Rachel Lopez De La Nieta. Toby danced with Norrdans (Mira Helenius Martinsson) in Sweden for 3 years, touring Sweden and Europe. Performing works by choreographers including Ohad Naharin, Marcos Morau, Thomas Noone, Yossi and Oded, and Fernando Melo. Toby has freelanced with Emma Martin Dance (Dublin) and with Yossi Berg and Oded Graf Dance Theatre (Israel). Toby is a current member of balletLORENT joining in summer 2015. 

With balletLORENT Toby has performed in Snow White, Rumplestiltskin, The Lost Happy Endings and After Dark.Toby also teaches at dance institutions and dance companies including Copenhagen Dance School and StepZ studio (Denmark), Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Verve, Rambert School, Balettakademien Gothenburg (Sweden), Scottish Dance Theatre, National Dance Company Wales, Phoenix Dance Theatre Leeds, Skanes Dance Theatre (Sweden), Norrdans (Sweden), and open professional classes, in the UK, Denmark and Sweden. 

Toby’s professional development includes completing a BA Hons degree in Environmental studies in 2020 and he is currently studying for an MA in Understanding Global Development with The Open University.