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For everyone

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Our family friendly productions are suitable for all ages, and backgrounds. Bring your friends, children, parents and grandparents along for a magical production of dance and storytelling.

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After dark

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For adults only, our after dark productions celebrate the human form and are an alluring homage to nocturnal entertainment.

The Becoming

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An awe inspiring spectacle of design, bodies and dance performed by the inimitable balletLORENT dancers celebrating iconic imagery of dancers from the 20th Century. The Becoming is a glorious nostalgia for experiences we never had and it is made for any of us who ever dreamt of being a performer. 

In The Becoming we witness the private world of dancers as they become the soul and body of their bespoke costumes by Nasir Mazhar. We share the fantasy world they enter into as they dare and dare again to discover how far they can push their bodies into becoming art. We watch dancers make a bet on themselves and see how far they can go…

Don’t miss out on this extremely limited run of performances as we kick off our 30th anniversary celebrations. Enjoy a drink before the show to live piano music by Albie Crompton and then experience the unforgettable 1 hour show and the intimacy of this unique space with astounding music by Ezio Bosso.

Content Warning: Some brief scenes of nudity and physical vulnerability. These live performances will become part of a filmed version of The Becoming

Age 16+

cast and collaborators

See all of our talented dancers and collaborators, who’ve made The Becoming the spectacular production it is.

Albie Crompton
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Benedicta Valentina Mamuini
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Caroline Reece
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Emma Savoldelli-Harris
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Gavin Coward
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Gwen Berwick
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James Mounsey
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John Kendall
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Malcolm Rippeth
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Michael Morgan
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Nasir Mazhar
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Natalie MacGillivray
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Toby Fitzgibbons
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Virginia Scudeletti
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