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Our family friendly productions are suitable for all ages, and backgrounds. Bring your friends, children, parents and grandparents along for a magical production of dance and storytelling.

After dark

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For adults only, our after dark productions celebrate the human form and are an alluring homage to nocturnal entertainment.

After dark version

The Becoming - Trailer

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Unveiling the trailer for The Becoming: A must-watch film for our 30th Anniversary celebrations! Release Date: 14th June 2023

Join us as we revisit the incredible performances that took place at the boiler shop in Newcastle upon Tyne in January 2023. Directed and choreographed by Liv Lorent, this film brings you up close and personal with the energy and emotional commitment of our extraordinary BalletLORENT dancers.

The Becoming is not just a capture of the live event; it's a unique, bespoke creation with its own narrative. It has been reimagined, directed, and edited by our film collaborators Ben Crompton and Alex Ayre. Featuring original music by Murray Gold and Albie Crompton, beautiful lighting design by Malcolm Rippeth, and stunning costume design by Nasir Mazhar.

 This Becoming is about individuality, chaos, intimacy, and the strength we find in others. It delves into the process of creating a performance, exploring the union of bodies, music, costume, and light.

 We're excited to share our passion for making this magic happen. 

Stay tuned for updates, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and more surprises along the way!

The Becoming. 

Release Date: 14th June 2023

cast and collaborators

See all of our talented dancers and collaborators, who’ve made The Becoming - Trailer the spectacular production it is.

Albie Crompton
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Ben Crompton
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Benedicta Valentina Mamuini
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Caroline Reece
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Emma Savoldelli-Harris
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Gavin Coward
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Gwen Berwick
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James Mounsey
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John Kendall
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Malcolm Rippeth
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Murray Gold
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Nasir Mazhar
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Natalie MacGillivray
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Toby Fitzgibbons
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Virginia Scudeletti
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