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Designer Body (solo)

Designer Body celebrates the body in evolution.

Designer Body (Solo) is extracted from balletLORENT's successful 2008/09 nationwide tour of Designer Body. A dancer gracefully balances on a revolving plinth, losing fragments of artifice as she turns. After 24 minutes, over 300 spins and a relinquishing of design and disguise, she is revealed in her natural state; unadorned and vulnerable.

A specially commissioned work by :zoviet*france: accompanies this dance creation with a powerfully atmospheric score containing elements of bird song, music box mechanisms, run-off grooves and penetrable bass. The surround sound teamed with the extraordinary costumes and the final vulnerability of the dancers creates the vivid experience that is Designer Body.

Designer Body (Solo) is easily transportable and with no requirement for sprung flooring makes this a malleable production with extensive programming opportunities. balletLORENT is open for invitations to programme this work in extraordinary and alternative site-specific locations both nationally and internationally. balletLORENT is also interested in visiting gallery and museum spaces.

Designer Body (Solo) Film. Designer Body (Solo) was selected as a short film for Channel 4 Random Acts series and was broadcast twice on 4th July and 6th August. The film shoot took place in Tyne Tower, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne in May 2012. Tyne Tower forms part of the structure of Newcastle's famous Tyne Bridge. Originally designed for warehouse use, it is a large, dusty urban space that reaches up into the rafters, enhancing the beauty of this production.


Future touring

Designer Body (Solo) remains in balletLORENT's repertoire. Should you be interested in programming Designer Body (Solo) or screening Designer Body (Solo) Film, please contact moc.tneroltellab@enitsirhc.

Press quotes

If Liv Lorent's aim is to make the audience think, then she succeeds admirably. The audience left the Hall with discussion in full flow and they headed not, as usual, to the outside but to the bar where, when I left some half an hour or more later, they were still in deep conversation about the piece.
The British Theatre Guide

A brilliant idea, brilliantly executed is what constitutes a great work of art and I reckon we have it here... utterly mesmerising.
The Newcastle Journal

Audience feedback

We enjoyed Designer Body immensely. It was simply breath taking. Bravo, Bravo, bravo!

Hugely imaginative in conception, hugely challenging in realisation - wonderfully delivered! Thank you.

Hypnotic, emotive performance with beautiful costumes.

Incredible - a thoroughly different, unique performance.

The dancer's strength and vulnerability was in turns both dramatic and moving.



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Extraordinary; exciting; innovative and sustaining. It will stay with us for a long time. Thank you!
Audience member



Choreographed and directed by
Liv Lorent

Sound by

Original lighting design by
Malcolm Rippeth

Original costume design and realisation by
Paul Shriek


Original Cast

Gary Clarke
Gavin Coward
Kate Jakson
Meritxell Pan Cabo
Debbi Purtill
Caroline Reece
Raymond Roa


Designer Body (Solo) Film:

Caroline Reece

Laura Hebron

Mark Batey
Ben Crompton

Lee Callaghan

Ben Crompton


The Sage Gateshead, January 2008.

Performed (UK):
St Georges Concert Hall, Liverpool
Leeds Museum
The German Gymnasium, Kings Cross
The Lowry, Salford
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
Hull City Hall
Malvern Theatre
Pave Café Bar, Hull

Performed (Internationally):
Fabrik Heeder, Dusseldorf, Germany as part of Internationale Tanzmesse.