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Who will deliver the workshop programme?

balletLORENT has a large pool of dancers who have become exceptional dance educators having achieved a vast amount of experience working with a wide age range and ability, in many different areas such as contemporary dance, classical ballet, street dance, yoga, anatomy and pilates.

What will each session involve?

Each session will be designed specifically for the participants. Typically, it will start with a warm-up appropriate to the group and geared towards the activities they will be engaged in. There will then be a series of creative tasks similar to those used by the company when devising new work; different styles of movement will be explored, and sequences from balletLORENT repertoires can be taught, or we can work on something completely unique, again tailored to age and/or ability. The sessions will conclude with a sharing of the work created with opportunities for feedback and further discussion.

How long will each workshop take?

Generally, a single workshop can be around two hours unless it is for young children which is generally 45 minutes to an hour depending on their age. A lot depends on the type of work we're doing and the level of ability. We also offer residencies which can comprise anything from a day up to a week. The programme can be tailored completely to your requirements.

Do you have to be an expert dancer to take part?

No - we use a variety of methods and creative exercises to enable participants of any ability to explore the movement possibilities. We're more interested in discovering each individual's own dance language or style, and realising their potential.

Is there any preparation required prior to the workshop?

The aims and objectives of the workshop will be discussed beforehand, so any specific preparation can be advised accordingly. It's preferable that participants know a little bit about balletLORENT, and come with an open mind and a willingness to explore movement. There are examples of past performances elsewhere on the website, or via our YouTube and Vimeo links.

What do participants wear to the workshop?

We advise comfortable clothing that you can move in. It's best to remove jewellery and do the workshop bare foot or in appropriate dance shoes.

How many can take part?

We suggest a maximum of 25 participants per workshop – this is also dependant on the size of the dance studio, gym or other.

Are there any specific requirements?

We will need a warm room, ideally with a sprung floor and access to a CD-player or iPod/MP3 docking station.

How much does it cost?

Costs are calculated based on the length of the workshop, and what the workshop involves. As a guide, a two hour workshop will cost from £250. Any travel and accommodation expenses that might be incurred are in addition to this.

Can balletLORENT offer any specialist classes?

The company has a pool of dancers with individual training and performance experience in many diverse areas. Consequently we can offer one-off specialist classes in the following: Contemporary technique including Graham and Cunningham; Classical ballet; Pointe work; Boys classes; Partner work; Pilates; Anatomy; Yoga.

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I danced all through my school days but have never seen such a good workshop, I'm sure it will have inspired the children. I know the parents were extremely impressed.
Jacqueline Robson, Sure Start Central



To have such a production come into our community setting was amazing. Parents watched as their children interacted with the performers during the show, this was a new experience for a number of parents and children and they asked for more events like this.
Bren Riley, Riverside Community Health Project, Benwell



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