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balletLORENT Learning & Participation

balletLORENT holds at its heart a strong commitment to offering high quality dance experiences to as wide a range of people as possible, through creating diverse and accessible work for all ages and by designing complementary education programmes to support each of our productions.

We are dedicated to collaborating with schools, pre-schools, and higher education and community groups, and also offer professional development opportunities for dance graduates and established dance artists.

Our extensive creative learning programmes explore the ideas and processes behind Liv Lorent's choreography. Programmes can involve workshops, residencies, lecture demonstrations, and partnerships with dance educators in order to inspire participants in their own development.

balletLORENT is an Arts Award Centre and Arts Award Supporter organisation - we are able to offer all levels of Arts Award to individuals, community groups and schools, from the entry level Discover to Gold. We are also a keen supporter of the Artsmark Award, which can help unlock the potential of children and young people, help to develop character and talent, and increase their knowledge and understanding. Artsmark enables schools to celebrate their strengths and help achieve ambitions for the future, as well as enriching their curriculum with the arts. Our extensive creative learning programmes explore the ideas and processes behind Liv Lorent's choreography. Programmes can involve workshops, residencies, lecture demonstrations, and partnerships with dance educators in order to inspire participants in their own development.

Participation Programmes

Rumpelstiltskin Performance and Participation Programme

During 2017/18 balletLORENT will deliver the Rumpelstiltskin Performance and Participation Project to support the final part of the fairy tale trilogy which began with Rapunzel and Snow White.

The intergeneration programme of work aims to improve the quality of life for people living in areas of economic and social disadvantage.

In Newcastle this brought together 450 children (aged four to nine-years-old) from six primary schools across the city, and 120 adults (55+) who live in areas of low engagement with the arts, to take part in high quality dance activity. The project took place in community venues, schools and finally, at Northern Stage where 12 participants performed in the premiere of Rumpelstiltskin with balletLORENT's professional company.

The Rumpelstiltskin Performance and Participation Programme is supported by The Foyle Foundation, the Sir James Knott Trust, The R W Mann Trust, The Shears Foundation, and the Newcastle Culture Investment Fund.

Snow White Performance and Participation Programme

As part of our second fairytale production, Snow White, we offered 11 children aged 7 - 8 years old from Newcastle upon Tyne the chance to rehearse and perform with us for the premiere performances of Snow White at Northern Stage (16th and 17th October 2015) and the performances at the Gala Theatre in Durham as part of the TakeOff Festival 2015.

To find these children, we delivered creative workshops inspired by Snow White in primary schools and community centres in areas of low arts engagement across Newcastle, reaching over 500 children. These workshops explored scenes from the show, focused on the children’s roles in the production as animals and trees in the forest, and playing in the snow. Our aim was to find a group of children with raw talent from these workshops to create, rehearse and perform with us.

We were supported by the Community Foundation Tyne and Wear and Northumberland through the Newcastle Cultural Investment Fund, and the Sir James Knott Trust, in creating this Young Cast model in Newcastle. We then took this model with us on our national tour of Snow White, where we worked with a different cast of children in each town and city that we visited.

Throughout the national tour of Snow White an additional 1,000 children took part in workshops, with 218 children from across the UK performing in Snow White alongside the professional company

The Snow White Young Cast project followed the success of our Young Cast programme for Rapunzel. Between 2012 – 2015, over 180 children and young people from across the UK took part in our Rapunzel Young Cast programme, performing with us at top presenting houses including Sadler’s Wells, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Northern Stage, CAST Doncaster and The Lowry. We will draw upon the wealth of knowledge and skill we gained from this for our Snow White Young Cast programme, to take this project forward and maintain our commitment to providing engagement opportunities of the highest quality.


At the outset of the Snow White Young Cast Project, balletLORENT commissioned an evaluation report to track and measure the outcomes of the project in relation to the aims and objectives above. The Executive Summary of this report can be found  here and the full Evaluation Report can be accessed here


balletLORENT deliver bespoke workshops for a variety of groups, which can be tailored to suit any age range and can also target specific curriculum guidelines. We have worked with schools, community centres and Universities for many years, delivering workshops alongside our touring work.

Our workshop programme is usually themed around our performance work. Participants are encouraged to explore different movement styles and respond creatively to choreographic activities. Previous dance experience is not essential. We also offer professional development workshops that can be individually designed to meet the needs of participating dance artists.

Our workshops are typically delivered by two balletLORENT dancers, bringing participants into direct contact with experienced professionals in the creative dance industry. Our pool of highly talented dancers have individual training and performance experience in such diverse and specific areas as contemporary dance, classical ballet, street dance, yoga, anatomy and pilates. Please click here to see our dancers' biographies and teaching experience.

Excellent workshop with lots of material for students to expand their knowledge and experience. Wonderful dancers who inspired and supported all students. Very worthwhile for all involved, thank you. Sarah Brown, Dance Teacher, Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy, Chester-le-Street

Should you be interested in hosting a workshop or a programme of workshops with us, please contact us on 0191 233 1811, or email Alternatively, you can complete our online enquiry form.


balletLORENT is passionate about dance and continue to strive to communicate and deliver dance education throughout the UK and beyond.

Through our past projects, we understand the benefits of supporting and sustaining dance through education. Our primary aims and objectives are:

  • To deliver classes and workshops to a level of excellence in the field of educational and community dance
  • To encourage participants to investigate, develop and challenge their aptitude for dance
  • To encourage self development and self expression through the teaching of relevant technique and creative tasks in a supportive atmosphere
  • To encourage the development of participants' physical and mental skills through solo, partner and group work with a generosity and openness to their fellow participants
  • To identify and encourage the strengths and potential of groups and individuals
  • To focus participants through a variety of themes that will engage and stretch their imaginations
  • To create and sustain strong working relationships with schools, colleges and higher education establishments
  • To work alongside teachers and lecturers, using our diverse array of skills to support their students' development
  • To develop cross-curricular links with language, music, PHSE and other relevant studies
  • In addition to the obvious physical and aesthetic skills that derive from dance, we aim to help participants to develop other skills, including self motivation, confidence, team building, social skills and empathy
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Rapunzel Young Cast



Really enjoyed learning to let my body flow with the movement, made me feel free. Thanks!
BTEC Dance Student, New College Durham



The dancers were great with the children and all enjoyed taking part. Excellent workshops!
Teresa Graham, Class Teacher Moorside Primary School, Newcastle



It was challenging, quick paced and interesting. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.
Nicola Bond, Dance Teacher, Oxclose Community School, Washington



The dancers were so talented and engaging. The children could really become part of the dance!
Jacqueline Robson, Sure Start Central



The children were not told what to do but allowed to join in anyway they liked and be creative... absolutely brilliant.
Bethan Sayers, Parent



balletLORENT Limited is a registered charity in England and Wales (no.1162921) and a registered company (no.05093450)