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balletLORENT's Rumpelstiltskin Film

A full film version of Rumpelstiltskin was made with funding from The Space, a commissioning and development organisation established by Arts Council England and the BBC to support greater digital access to the arts.

The film was available to download from Facebook and YouTube for three weeks and received a total of !05,000 viewings - further updates about the film will be coming soon.





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Liv Lorent
in collaboration with the Company

Scenario Writer
Carol Ann Duffy

Murray Gold

Music Edited & Coordinated By
Jack Sugden

Costume Designer
Michele Clapton

Costumes Made By
Linea Stenfors &

Oliver Docherty Duncan

(Couture Effects Ltd)

Set Designer
Phil Eddolls

Lighting Designers
Malcolm Rippeth &

Michael Morgan

Narrator and Dramaturg
Ben Crompton

Child Narration
Albie Crompton



Gavin Coward
Natalie Trewinnard
John Kendall
Toby Fitzgibbons
Debbi Purtill
Gwen Berwick
Juliet Thompson
Ray Roa


Apprenctice Dancers

Maria Vincentelli
Benedicta Valentina

Apprentice dancers are postgraduate students who work with the company as part of their coursework at London Contemporary Dance School.

Production Manager

Simon Henderson

Production LX
Michael Morgan

Stage Manager
Andy Stephenson

Rehearsal Director
Caroline Reece

Set Build
Northern Stage Workshops

Scenic Painters
Phil Eddolls &

Scott Thompson

Prop Assistants
Yann Smiley &

Aileen Kelly

Lou Duffy


For Riverside Studios

Outside Broadcast

Technical Producer
James Poole

Unit Manager
James Mitchell

Vision Engineer
Fiachra O'Kelly

Vision Supervisor
Jeremy Chadwick

Sound Supervisor
Simon Scrivener

Lighting Director
Bernie Davis

Phil Dexter

Camera Supervisor
Ian Keown

Pete Johnson

Mike Hughes

Liz Hillman

Production Coordinator
Lucy Pilgrim

Script Supervisor
Gemma Dixon

Vision Mixer
Carol Abbott

Post Production

Online Editor
Paul Ingvarson

Dubbing Editor
Tim Wheeler

Production Manager
Piera Buckland

Executive Producer for The Space
Helen Spencer

Janie Valentine

Jonathan Haswell

©balletLorent 2017


balletLORENT Limited is a registered charity in England and Wales (no.1162921) and a registered company (no.05093450)