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Underneath the Floorboards

An original dance adventure for under fives with original songs and music.

Liv Lorent worked with a compelling range of collaborators to create Underneath the Floorboards, an enchanting production for under fives, with costumes designed and realised by Paul Shriek, story and songs written by Ben Crompton, music and songs composed by Kit Haigh, set designed and realised by Andrew Stephenson, lighting designed by Matt Britten, and featuring four balletLORENT dancers.

It's Moving Day! John discovers a bottomless box that leads him Underneath the Floorboards and into a strange and magical world... doe eyed Fawn, blue bundle of fluff Guffy and punky Mimic lead John on a delightfully starlit journey home.

Set during moving day, John discovers a strange world beneath his bedroom floor whilst packing away his toys. Alarmed when he can't find his way back, he worries he'll be left behind until a host of weird and wonderful creatures begin to appear from the shadows. Guffy, Fawn and Mimic take John on a magical journey home with help from the audience. Designed for under fives, Underneath the Floorboards is filled with original songs and beautiful movement and parents can relax while children get to interact with performers and story.


Future Touring

Underneath the Floorboards remains in balletLORENT's repertoire.

Press quotes

I was drawn into the story right from the off - and so were the children, judging by the deep involvement of those who ventured onto the stage and the fascination on the faces of those who didn't.
The British Theatre Guide

Liv Lorent's choreography compliments characterisation and it is the perfect way of introducing movement and dance to small children.
The Public Review

The children are very much involved and apparently have no idea they are the audience, the added bonus being that parents enjoy watching their offspring onstage as much as they like not having to coerce them into their seats. Young children will go home feeling that dance is wild and mysterious, but certainly not girly.
The Stage

Every aspect of this delightful dance production is commendable and the most ringing endorsement of all came from the youngsters.
The Public Review

Audience feedback

Brilliant, my son can not sit down to watch anything, so this was perfect for him.

It was amazing my little fairy loved it so much it took some time getting her to bed. She was still hyper and showing her dance moves to her daddy well after the bedtime hour!

Thank you so much for a truly magical and innovative show, totally child friendly, your performers were so so so so patient and caring with the children - a huge thumbs up!

It was great how the performance worked around the kids and the kids accepted that.

It was everything we love and much more, it ticked all the boxes. My baby loved it.

What a joy, the cleverly and comfortably designed performance space, the perfectly beautiful costumes and the remarkable engaging performance brought such pleasure to us that I could have shed a tear.

Just fantastic! Amazing! Magical! Not sure who enjoyed it more - us or our three year old.

Brilliant show. It doesn't get any more interactive than this! Lovely music, costumes, lighting and performances. Magical.

Excellent for ages nought to five and very rare to find a suitable production for this age range, especially one that parents and grandparents enjoy also!

I thought it was absolutely mesmerizing and so well suited to children. My four year old loved it and even my baby (five months) was happy with the soft lighting and music. It was visually stimulating and so creative. One of the best things I’ve done with my children this year.



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Truly magical. One of the best things I've ever done with my daughter (aged two and a half).

I just can't get that Underneath the Floorboards out of my head. It was such an incredible performance I wish I could go again. I just can't believe how mesmerised my two lively boys were.
Audience members



Choreographed and Directed by
Liv Lorent

Story and Songs by
Ben Crompton

Music and Songs by
Kit Haigh

Costume Design and Realisation by
Paul Shriek

Set Design and Realisation by
Andrew Stephenson

Lighting Design by
Matt Britten



Jon Beney
Gwen Berwick
Gavin Coward
Philippa White
John Kendall (Understudy)


Northern Stage, January 2011

Performed (UK):
Lillian Baylis, Sadler's Wells
Gateshead Old Town Hall
The Platform, Glasgow
Washington Arts Centre
Hull Truck Theatre
Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne
DEDA Derby
Lakeside Nottingham
Queens Hall, Hexham
ARC, Stockton on Tees
Malvern Theatres
The Lowry, Salford
The Egg, Bath
Carriageworks, Leeds
Magdalen College, Oxford Playhouse
Barnsley Civic
Macroberts, Stirling
Carnegie Hall, Benwell