two sides of balletLORENT

Our dance theatre caters to all audiences, with some shows suitable for families and children, and others exclusively for adults.

User symbolFor everyone

These productions are suitable for all ages. Bring along your friends, children, parents and grandparents.

Image from Underneath the Floorboards

Fantastic For Families

Dark moon symbolAfter dark

After Dark is our way of categorising our brand of performances made for adults who want to seek out our edgier, no holds barred and uninhibited side.

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The Velveteen Rabbit or how toys become real

Inspired by  Margery Williams book

Celebrating balletLORENT’s 30th year we are launching our new heartwarming show ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’, retold for family audiences in the inimitable balletLORENT style.

Tickets on sale now

30 years of balletLORENT

Take a look through the many productions Liv Lorent and balletLORENT have produced over the last 30 years alongside the full chronology. 

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The Becoming

The Becoming: A must-watch film for our 30th Anniversary celebrations! 

Join us as we revisit the incredible performances that took place at the boiler shop in Newcastle upon Tyne in January 2023. Directed and choreographed by Liv Lorent, this film brings you up close and personal with the energy and emotional commitment of our extraordinary BalletLORENT dancers.

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We thank Friends of balletLORENT Julia Daynes, Maureen Newall, Joanne McKenna, Anna Story, and Karen Trewinnard; and Good Friends Heather Crompton, and Kate Lorent for their continued support of the company. You can support balletLORENT here

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