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Ben Crompton

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Narrator & Dramaturg

Ben Crompton is an actor, writer and stand-up comedian. He was a regular in several TV shows, including Pramface; Man Stroke Woman; Ideal and Clocking Off, and also featured in Housewife 49; The Sinking of the Laconia; Doctor Who; The Great Fire, Hit & Miss and Motherland. He may be best known for playing Dolorous Edd in HBO's Game of Thrones. His theatre work includes Normal(The Bush) and The Weavers(The Gate), and his film work includes All or Nothing; 102 Dalmatians; Blow Dry; Les Miserables; Kill List and Blood. Writing credits include Angelmoth (balletLORENT); Dog Dazed Afternoon and Neurotics Anonymous (Radio 4).