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meet the company

Lee Callaghan

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Lee Callaghan has spent thirty years making words and pictures look good together. He went in at the deep end with a local typesetting company aged 18 and got to grips with the print and design trade from the ground up, eventually managing the design and prepress department of a large local print firm. It was there he crossed paths with balletLORENT, working on some of their earliest pieces. 

Lee's design credits include: I say me…, Life stories, La Famille, Strange Glitter, ballet in Shriek, The Ball, The Ice Ball, La vie des fantasmes, La nuit intime, Angelmoth, La Penumbra, MaEternal, Designer Body, Crush, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Underneath the floorboards, Rapunzel, The Night Ball, Snow White,After Dark,The Lost Happy Endings.