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Actively Against Inequality - THANK YOU!

Monday August 12th 2019Share page

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Crowdfunder - Actively Against Inequality. Not only did we reach our target - we went over by £515, meaning we raised £2,315 towards our national community cast programme for The Lost Happy Endings.

We would like to thank: 

Patricia Ritchie; Derek Newall; Maureen Newall; Anna Story; Malcolm Rippeth; Janie; Jill Adams; Freda Vitty; Helena Hay; Leslie Trewinnard; Julie-Anne Malcolm; Kathryn Tinling; Michelle Nicol; Diedre Payne; Jan Denton; Community Foundation Newcastle; Joanna McKenna; Lesley Rance; Rachel Evans; Heather Crompton; Naomi Trewinnard; Carol Wilson; Fiona Raglan; Juliet Aubrey; Carol Rocke; Joanna Laverick; Kathryn Garner; Hazel Sinclair; Nicole Steele; Christine Nugent; Susanna Bell; WD Ritchie; Daniel Alonso Van Camp; Akeim Toussaint Buck; Gwen Booth; Denise Sparrowhawk; James MacGillivray; Christine Grimwood; David McGovern and Philip Bernays.