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balletLORENT Placement: Aimee Booth & Nikki Adams

Thursday December 13th 2018Share page

Aimee Booth and Nikki Adams are two final year BA (Hons) Professional Dance students at Dance City. They came to balletLORENT one day a week for a 12 week placement programme to learn about working within the dance industry. We really enjoyed having them here; they were keen to learn, very happy to get stuck in, and brought a great energy to the office. 

Aimee Booth

"With balletLORENT I learnt about archiving, marketing, budgeting, time management and how to write applications. I feel as if I've been challenged since day one because I was given tasks I've never been given before. For example, from the start of the placement I made no secret that I had never grasped budgeting, which is an essential skill in management. James guided us through the process, taught us about the detail needed, and set us a task, so I now feel confident that I can be trusted to work with a budget. 

Everyone in the office works at such a fast pace, but if I needed any guidance or a question answered, they would immediately help. Their care and attention has helped shape me into a confident worker. 

From the office to the stage, I was able to see the links and how it all comes together. I was privileged to get the chance to watch the dress rehearsal for After Dark and see the props that I witnessed being ordered, resources being used and even the dancers at work. Everyone's role is equally important within the Company, even Nikki and I, who helped sell merchandise.

I am very grateful to balletLORENT as I feel more confident as an individual. The passion and drive everyone has is inspiring."

Nikki Adams

"I covered so many new subjects during my placement. Archiving was interesting, and looking through old materials such as posters, flyers, photographs, tickets and newspaper articles from the past 25 years gave me more of an insight into the Company and the range of work they've produced, as I only had knowledge of their more recent family friendly pieces. 

I was taught how to use a professional camera and interview techniques. This was something I've never been taught before and found it really interesting and useful. 

The insight I had into the educational projects was fascinating to me. balletLORENT have taken pieces to schools and communities, as well as people who never usually have these kind of opportunities. Seeing the preparation and resources needed for these projects was surprising at first as I didn't realise how much preparation was needed. The new piece The Lost Happy Endings doesn't premiere until October 2019, so to see how much preparation has gone into that project already is interesting and really showed me just how much time has to go into these projects to make them as successful as they are. 

I helped dress the set for After Dark, which I was also lucky enough to watch the dress rehearsal for. Whilst helping with the set I was introduced to the dancers with the Company and witnessed how Liv Lorent works with them.

This was a great experience that has been a real learning curve. The team have been very welcoming and helpful and made my experience very enjoyable. balletLORENT really is a unique company and I can't wait to watch their future works."