International Women's Day 2019

Friday May 24th 2019 Share page

For International Women's Day Liv Lorent has reworked Nevertheless She Persisted as a solo for our apprentice dancer Jordaine Lincoln. 

"This piece was brought from the privilege of working with the 3rd Year BA (Hons) Professional Dance students at Dance City, who are all young millennial women aged 19-20.  This choreography and content evolved from working with them and the shared experiences I had with them, even though they were less than half my age. The joy of having a 19 year old apprentice in the company meant that Jordaine felt like the right person to carry this choreography." Liv Lorent

Nevertheless She Persisted, Solo

Choreography - Liv Lorent

Dancer - Jordaine Lincoln 

Composer & Dramaturg - Ben Crompton

Filming & Editing - Vilte Balciunaite