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Liv Lorent creates new piece with Dance City students, "Nevertheless, She Persisted"

Tuesday January 15th 2019Share page

In December 2018 Liv Lorent was invited by Julie Campbell and Geoff Hopson at Dance City to create a piece of dance with the 3rd Year BA (Hons) Professional Dance students. She was incredibly interested when she found they were a group of nine young women and she couldn't wait to meet them to create something new.

They shared their experiences of femininity together, the expectations, and what it means to be a woman and a millennial in today's society. They explored the kind of movements they associated with idealised femininity and talked about the many pressures placed upon women so they strive to appear weightless, pretty, joyful, elegant and graceful, and the effort that takes. They looked at the movements of Beyoncé and her contemporaries  and the current trend of femininity being goddess like and powerful, where strength and wildness are the ideals. This led to the group questioning how women shape shift to try and reach acceptance, love, power, forgiveness and safety.

Liv found them to be a remarkable group of individuals and enjoyed working with them immensely to create this incredibly empowering piece of dance.