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Rapunzel Red Premieres Exclusively on Marquee TV

Thursday April 4th 2024Share page

Our latest film will be available to watch on Marquee TV on Saturday April 6th.

Rapunzel Red is a unique adult take on The Brothers Grimm story Rapunzel. Written by Carol Ann Duffy it is a collaboration between her and Liv Lorent.

The story is framed from the perspective of Rapunzel’s parents and their burning desire for a child of their own. It also considers the Witch’s maternal yearning. Once the witch claims Rapunzel for her own, this version finds the parents imagining her subsequent life, growing, being entrapped in the tower and falling in love. It is their way to keep her memory alive.

The film is a purposefully cinematic adaptation and more than a capture of a live touring show, with some scenes created bespoke for camera.

It was shot over four days by Ben Crompton and a skeleton crew to try and focus on the intimate struggles of the characters utilising the medium of film to capture moments that may be missed on a larger stage.

It touches on lust, nightmares, miscarriage, parental love, romantic love. It captures the idealisation and fantasy of how wondrous it would be to become a parent, and also shows the crashing grief and loss of losing that wish.

The choreography is supported by narration from Lesley Sharp, interwoven into Murray Gold’s emotional orchestral score, and the beauty of the set and lighting make Rapunzel Red a dynamic experience.

Photo: Luke Waddington

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