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The UFOs (Uniquely Fantastical Ones)

User symbolFor everyone

Film rating: U

Film length: 6:33 

The UFOs, or The Uniquely Fantastical Ones is a celebration of the superpowers, talents, and giftedness that comes with being neurodivergent.

The Neurodiversity Umbrella Project is a UK wide initiative to inspire uplifting and colourful representations of all the different minds that we have. Five colours of umbrellas are used to represent the one in five of the UK population who are neurodivergent.

During a three day summer course, members of the balletLORENT Youth Academy, and other children who signed up to the programme (ages 8-14yrs), came together to create this short film, with direction from balletLORENT‘s Creative Partners. What you see in this film - the movement, the ideas, and the words were all created by the children, following creative tasks set by balletLORENT Creative Partners, where they were encouraged to share their experiences of living with or without neurodivergence.

Rehearsals and filming took place at our studio at The John Marley Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne, and in the stunning neighbouring Scotswood Community Gardens.

balletLORENT‘s Youth Academy meets weekly to train in dance, theatre, and creative skills. Through this training we provide them with high quality and unique performance opportunities such as being part of the creation process for our latest dance theatre production for families, Rapunzel, and a chance to shine on stage.

We want to thank all the children for their generous contributions, and inspiring, uninhibited creativity during the filming.

cast and collaborators

See all of our talented dancers and collaborators, who’ve made The UFOs (Uniquely Fantastical Ones) the spectacular production it is.