Online Classes & Workshops

To Stream: The Wake Up, Morning Warm Up

For children aged 6-11yrs

Start the day with balletLORENT’s Gavin and Natalie, warm up your body, wake up your brain.

Grab a pillow and follow along!

To stream: Dance & Stretch with Debbi

Debbi Purtill leads a 45 minute dance fit and yoga class.

Have a dance and stretch to start your day.

For ages 16+


  • Please ensure that you clear away obstacles which may obstruct safe participation.
  • Participants must ensure they are in good health, and take responsibility for their wellbeing. If at any time during the sessions you have pain or feel unwell, you should stop. 
  • balletLORENT is not responsible or liable for any injury or damage to property whilst you participate in our online dance sessions.
  • We advise that you have water nearby, and take regular sips during the session

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