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BalletLORENT’s Youth Academy: Embracing diversity as a civil and artistic imperative

Monday June 26th 2023Share page

Debbie Allan's evaluation report examines the outcomes and impact of balletLORENT's year-long pilot Youth Academy project. The project was designed to provide regular weekly classes and end-of-term intensives for children and young people (CYP) who had previous involvement with the Company through community cast activities. Additionally, new CYP were identified and invited to participate from ongoing Newcastle school programs.

In early 2021, balletLORENT secured funding from the Newcastle Culture Investment Fund and the Curtin PARP fund, which enabled the organisation to offer this opportunity to all selected children, including those facing barriers to engagement in more deprived areas of Newcastle. The project was implemented from September 2021 to August 2022, encompassing a diverse range of activities and experiences for the participating CYP.

This evaluation report provides a comprehensive analysis of the project's objectives, implementation strategies, and outcomes. It examines the effectiveness of the Youth Academy project in nurturing artistic talent, promoting inclusivity, and addressing the specific needs of the participants. Furthermore, the report explores the project's overall contribution to the cultural landscape of Newcastle and its potential for future sustainability and growth.

By delving into the project's achievements, challenges encountered, and lessons learned, this evaluation report aims to provide valuable insights and recommendations for balletLORENT and other stakeholders involved in youth arts initiatives. It serves as a foundation for reflection, improvement, and informed decision-making as the organisation continues to develop and expand its youth-focused programming.

The subsequent sections of this report delve into the project's methodology, key findings, analysis, and recommendations, providing a comprehensive overview of the Youth Academy project and its impact.

Note: The evaluation report is based on data collected and analysed up until the end of the project period, August 2022.

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