Making Rapunzel

Our Rapunzel is a colourful and passionate re-telling of the well-known and beloved fairytale. Rapunzel is a brave redhead who becomes entrapped in a tower by a possessive Witch and her pet creatures, she is all alone until a Prince comes along, drawn by the sound of her sweet song…

Watch our ‘The Making of Rapunzel’ video to see how we made our original version of the show back in 2012.


Research and development

Developing the roles of the youngest cast members.
costume fitting

Costume fitting

The Queen being fitted for her costume. 

Costumes for Rapunzel designed by Michele Clapton.

rehearsal the witch


The Witch and the creatures rehearsing in the studio. Dancers 

Witch: Caroline Reece

Creatures: Gavin Coward

Rapunzel set drawings

Set design by Phil Edolls for Rapunzel.

Set painting

Rapunzel set being painted by specialist Scenic Paintier Robin Forster..



Dress rehearsal with the community cast at Northern Stage, Newcastle.

Available Resources

Listen to Rapunzel Act 1

Listen to Rapunzel Act 2

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