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The Things That Wait

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Filmed in The Swedish Gardens, Saltwell Park in Gateshead in September 2020, with dancers and crew who were in 'bubbles', this original work is a response to our experience this year. It is about our bodies feeling enshrined in a shell of protection, and a chrysalis like wait for freedom. 

We understand why we have had to be solitary, but our physical selves are missing the possibility of touch with family and friends, as well as the company of the crowd. We wait for a new season. 

In this story we meet that moment. 

Our amazing collaborators have contributed the emotion behind the idea, and the performers become the story to enchanting effect. It is truth and fairytale. 

Suitable for all ages. 

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Choreography by Liv Lorent & the dancers

Music composed & performed by Albie Crompton

Costumes by Nasir Mazhar

Filmed by Ben Crompton & Vilte Balciunaite

Dancers - Gavin Coward; James MacGillivray; Debbi Purtill; Otto Purtill-Ritchie & Natalie Trewinnard

cast and collaborators

See all of our talented dancers and collaborators, who’ve made The Things That Wait the spectacular production it is.

Albie Crompton
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Ben Crompton
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Debbi Purtill
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Gavin Coward
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James MacGillivray
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Nasir Mazhar
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Natalie Trewinnard
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date 19th November 2020

time 2:42 pm

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