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Online Classes

Please note - sadly we are unable to offer our online classes and workshops to people in Europe. 

Flow Yoga with Debbi

Classes will be announced soon. 

Mixed Ability Pilates with Gwen Berwick

This term has ended. We will update with new dates soon. 

These classes are designed for beginner’s, but all levels are welcome. A range of balletLORENT teachers will introduce some stretching along with fun aerobic dance exercises and body conditioning. 

Age: Adult

Creative Physical Play & Dance Drama with Gavin Coward

This term has ended. We will update with new dates soon. 

A chance to move, learn a groove and a graceful routine, free style, have fun, be eccentric, connect, be social, be silly, chat, take a quiz, ask a question and dance, dance, dance.  These sessions are designed to encourage children to physicalise their imaginations and create their own world, to share creative ideas through dance, movement and structured physical play.   

Age: 7 - 13

Classes You Can Stream Online

The Wake Up, Morning Warm Up

For children aged 6-11yrs

Start the day with balletLORENT’s Gavin and Natalie, warm up your body, wake up your brain.

Grab a pillow and follow along!

Dance & Stretch with Debbi

Debbi Purtill leads a 45 minute dance fit and yoga class.

Have a dance and stretch to start your day.

For ages 16+

Live Classes

We are currently unable to provide live classes due to COVID-19.


  • Please ensure that you clear away obstacles which may obstruct safe participation.
  • Participants must ensure they are in good health, and take responsibility for their wellbeing. If at any time during the sessions you have pain or feel unwell, you should stop. 
  • balletLORENT is not responsible or liable for any injury or damage to property whilst you participate in our online dance sessions.
  • We advise that you have water nearby, and take regular sips during the session

We thank Friends of balletLORENT Karen Trewinnard, Maureen Newall, Anna Story, Lynn Harman & Julia Daynes; Good Friends Heather Crompton, Joe Gamble, Patricia Ritchie & Kate Lorent; and Best Friends Derek Newall & Christopher Campbell for their continued support of the company. 

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