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The Night Ball

Celebrating the beauty and intimacy of social dancing, The Night Ball is influenced by several movement styles from Breakdancing to Quickstep. Accompanied by one of balletLORENT’s famously eclectic and inspired soundtracks, this 70 minute show is set in the round with cabaret seating. The evening continues as the dance floor and bar remain open and the DJ plays on, giving you the chance to throw your own moves as well as the rare opportunity to be partnered by one of balletLORENT’s ten professional dancers.

Inspired by two of our most loved and immersive works - The Ball and la nuit intime, The Night Ball creates an environment where the beauty of losing oneself to movement and music becomes the privilege of everyone in the room.

Artistic Director, Liv Lorent says:

"So many of us don't dance in front of other people because of self-consciousness or a desire to be a different kind of dancer than we are. The Night Ball is an occasion to experience dance as one of our basic instincts. We are presenting dance as beautiful, charming, necessary, sometimes a little unhinged, but ultimately an extraordinary human achievement.

When balletLORENT presents its site-specific works we want to offer more than just a performance - it's an evening out of the ordinary performed by beautiful and generous dancers who want to share a passion for dancing through their bodies and souls.

Together, the audience and the dancers create an environment not found anywhere else. It is a warm atmosphere infused with the slight danger of vulnerability and the ultimate goal of solace and hope. It can be addictive."

The Night Ball is a truly unforgettable experience; we hope to leave you with memories that you will want to return to again and again...

Press Quotes

Art should not leave you out in the cold; it should open the door to a possibility of a fuller, richer life. For me this happened with a performance by balletLORENT.
Financial Times

To judge by the audience’s reaction, balletLORENT has a real hit on its hands. It wasn’t just the prolonged applause at the end that bears witness to this but the audience’s eagerness to get onto the dance floor and join in as the show segued seamlessly from performance to – well, a dance.
Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide

This is not the distant, ethereal grace of classical ballet but rather it is up close and personal and sucks the audience in.
Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide

Audience feedback

Fabulous and captivating. Please do it again soon, there's so much wonderful dancing to look at, you can't decide what to feast your eyes on next!

Some of the most brilliant entertainment I have enjoyed for a long time. Real people. Wonder. Escape. I smiled throughout. Thank you.

What a fabulous evening! totally absorbing, I wanted to join in from the beginning! thank you for bringing us such pleasure, a memorable evening indeed.


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The Night Ball 2014


The Night Ball


The Night Ball at Latitude


I Love Dancing


Liv Lorent

Liv Lorent
and the dancers

Costume Design
Michele Clapton

Lighting Design
Malcolm Rippeth

Sound Production / DJ
Ben Ponton

Music Selection
Liv Lorent
Ben Ponton
Ben Crompton



Gwen Berwick
Gavin Coward
Robby Graham
John Kendall
Meritxell Pan Cabo
Debbi Purtill
Mariusz Raczynski
Davie Rae
Caroline Reece
Juliet Thompson


The MEM, Wallsend July 2013

Latitude Festival 2013

Hangar 404, Classic Air Force

Hull City Hall

The Northumberland Hall, Alnwick

o2Academy, Newcastle

Oxford Town Hall

Barnsley Civic

North Shore, Sunderland

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen