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Film length: 29:08

Shot in June 2021, Parade is a  film about who we maybe have become in our fantasy world, after more than a year of isolation from our families, friends and ability to travel away from our own households. Most of us in the world have now had something of a shared experience and have experienced multiple differences to our lives that were unimaginable before the pandemic. Parade brings us together for a moment in time as we are poised for an uncertain future, knowing we are different from who we were before.

Parade brings us together for something new, something about now, and with hope that as we wear our inside transformation on the outside we become ever more accepting and empathic to each other and the rest of humanity.

Parade has been selected to participate in the special event L.I.M.P.A & INFEST NYC 2023. The work will be featured in the showcase during the fourth edition of the New York City Films Infest Festival.

Parade has been 'officially selected' for best experimental film at the 'Feel the Reel International Film Festival' April 2023. 

Parade has been awarded Exceptional Merit (Art-House Film) by WRPN Women's International Film Festival (Winter 2023), USA.

Parade was selected to be screened at WPRN Women's International Film Festival 2023 (Delaware, USA)

Parade was an Official Selection in the Short Live Action Narratives category at Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival 2023  

Parade won the Short Dance Film category at the Mannheim Film Festival 2023.

Parade won the Music/Dance Video category at the Robinson International Film Festival 2022 (Italy)

Parade received an honourable mention in the Best Music/Dance/Art Film category at Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival 2022 (Japan)

Parade won the Dance Film category of the New Wave Film Festival in Munich, 2022. 

Parade won the Music & Dance Film category of the Short Film Factory Festival in Bucharest, 2022. 

Parade was selected to be screened in the Short Narrative Film category of the New York Lift-Off Film Festival in New York, USA in 2022. 

Parade won the Dance Film category at Beyond the Curve Film Festival in France, 2022. 

Parade won in the Best Dance Film category of the Swedish International Film Festival in Arvika, 2022. 

Parade was selected to be screened in the Love & Hope International Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain in 2022. 

Parade was an Official Selection in the  Short Live Action Narrative Film category at London Lift-Off Film Festival 2022  

cast and collaborators

See all of our talented dancers and collaborators, who’ve made Parade the spectacular production it is.

Ben Crompton
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Benedicta Valentina Mamuini
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Debbi Purtill
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Ellen Vollmer
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Gavin Coward
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Gwen Berwick
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James Southward
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John Kendall
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Michael Morgan
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Nasir Mazhar
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Raymond Roa
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Scott Twynholm
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Toby Fitzgibbons
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Virginia Scudeletti
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Yen-Ching Lin
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