After Dark

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Celebrating 25 years of balletLORENT!

After Dark is an intimate evening of dance and drinks, cabaret-style, to celebrate 25 years of balletLORENT and the artists that built this treasured company. These very special nights are an exclusive chance to experience scenes inspired by the ever popular la nuit intime and The Night Ball, with some original dances to savour for the very first time.

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"It was pure balletLORENT; it really couldn’t have come from any other company. And yes, the audience loved it and went wild at the end." British Theatre Guide

la nuit intime

Watch the trailer for la nuit intime 

The Night Ball

Watch the trailer for The Night Ball to get a taste of what's in store...

Choreographed by Liv Lorent and the dancers

Dancers: Benedicta Valentina, Caroline Reece, Debbi Purtill, Gavin Coward, Gwen Berwick, John Kendall, Juliet Thompson, Natalie Trewinnard, Toby Fitzgibbons, Ray Roa, Virginia Scudeletti, Jordaine Lincoln

Costumes: Michele Clapton

cast and collaborators

See all of our talented dancers and collaborators, who’ve made After Dark the spectacular production it is.

Benedicta Valentina
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Caroline Reece
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Debbi Purtill
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Gavin Coward
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Gwen Berwick
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John Kendall
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Jordaine Lincoln
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Juliet Thompson
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Natalie Trewinnard
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Raymond Roa
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Toby Fitzgibbons
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Virginia Scudeletti
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